OpenDaylight User Groups (ODLUG)

OpenDaylight User Groups (ODLUG) are regional, self-organized, informal associations that meet globally to discuss OpenDaylight.  The participants in these groups share knowledge, recruit and onboard new developers, discuss best practices and technical challenges, as well as create awareness.  ODLUG hold meetups, run small hackathons, and host social events.

While ODLUG do not have a formal relationship with the OpenDaylight Project, they are a key part of the vast and growing ecosystem.

OpenDaylight User Groups

United States
Austin, TX

Baltimore, MD

Silicon Valley, CA

Montréal, QC 

Toronto, ON

London, UK


How to Start a User Group
Before starting a new ODLUG, check the global listings above to see if there is an existing user group in your region that you could join efforts with.
If an ODLUG does not exist in your region and you are interested in starting one, please review our Getting Started Guide and contact