The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) oversees the design and development activities within the OpenDaylight project as outlined in the TSC Charter and in accordance with the TSC Policy.  The TSC is responsible for simultaneous release dates, release quality standards,  technical best practices (including the Development Process), monitoring technical progress, mediating technical conflicts between committers and project leads, and organizing inter-project collaboration. The TSC will define OpenDaylight's release vehicles, and the TSC will serve as OpenDaylight’s liaisons with other consortiums and groups.  

The TSC is currently composed of the following members:

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the Technical Director of SDN at Red Hat.  During his nearly 20 years as a software engineer he has worked in the telecom industry on high availability and distributed systems and in the Linux industry on security and virtualization.  He has been a Linux developer for over a decade, most of that time spent deep in the Linux kernel working on security and virtualization.  He is intrigued by the challenges that cloud computing brings to virtualization and networking, and is now focused on the cloud, KVM and network virtualization.  He lives in sunny Portland, OR where he is happliy hacking on Open vSwitch and OpenStack.

Christopher Price

Chris heads the network architecture and standardization team for Ericsson's IP & Broadband division where he focuses on the development of technology and innovation across transport & IP networks and gateway functions.  Chris' experience incorporates the development of technology and architecture for network management, policy control and user service management, user session control plane solutions, and DPI technologies.  Having started his career in Australia he has lived and worked in Spain and Sweden before moving to California where he is now focused on the evolution of networking technologies.

Colin Dixon (Chairperson)

Colin is a Principal Engineer at Brocade and has been participating in OpenDaylight since day one and actively contributes to the controller, l2switch and TTP projects. He also co-authored the Dixon-Erickson OpenDaylight Merged Controller Proposal, which helped to resolve core architectural issues in the controller and community early on. He has spent over a decade working on networks as a researcher, developer, and operator on networks at various scales. He has a PhD in networking and distributed systems from the University of Washington and is passionate about using open source, software, and SDN to change the way we do networking.

David Lenrow

David Lenrow is an architect in the CTO's office at Hewlett Packard Networking, is vice-chair cloud/data-center in the ONF NBI WG, and active in the OpenDaylight, OpenStack, and Open Compute (OCP)  communities. He has spent more than 20 years driving innovation in digital technology with an emphasis on networks, storage and media.  David is a passionate advocate for open innovation and seeking to make contributions to the cloud revolution currently sweeping the tech industry. He studied computer science and engineering at Dartmouth College. 

David Meyer

David Meyer is currently CTO and Chief Scientist at Brocade Communications, where he works on future directions for Internet technologies. Prior to joining Brocade, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, where he also worked as a developer, architect, and visionary on future directions for Internet technologies. He has been a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the the IETF (www.ietf.org) and the chair/co-chair of many working groups. He is also active in the operator community, where he has been a long standing member of the NANOG (www.nanog.org) program committee (and program committee chair from 2008-2011). He is also active in other standards organizations such as ETSI, ATIS, ANSI T1X1, the Open Networking Foundation, and the ITU-T. Mr. Meyer is also currently Director of the Advanced Network Technology Center at the University of Oregon. One of his major projects at the University of Oregon is routeviews (see www.routeviews.org). Prior to joining Cisco, he served as Senior Scientist, Chief Technologist and Director of IP Technology Development at Sprint.

Ed Warnicke

Ed Warnicke is a Principal Engineer in the Research and Advanced Development group at Cisco Systems.  He has been working for over a decade in many areas of networking and Open Source.  He has a masters in Physics (String Theory) from Rutgers University.

Jan Medved

Jan Medved is a Distinguished Engineer in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office (CTAO) office at Cisco Systems, where he works on a variety SDN projects, both infrastructure and applications. Jan is also active in IETF and other standards bodies; in the past he was the chair of the ONF Hybrid Working Group. He studied electrical engineering at University of Toronto, Canada and Technical University Ilmenau, Germany.

Kent Watsen

Kent Watsen is a Principle Engineer in the SDN and Orchestration Systems group at Juniper Networks.  Kent has worked in the telecom industry for 14 years as architect on multiple network management systems.  Kent is an active member in the NETCONF and NETMOD working groups, since the 77th IETF meeting.  Kent's interests include SDN, Cloud, Virtualization and dynamically extensible component-oriented infrastructure.  Kent has multiple patents and publications and holds Engineering degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from University of Virginia.

Mohnish Anumala

Mohnish Anumala is a distinguished engineer in Dell networking team. Prior to Dell, he held many positions in Avaya and Nortel architecture and engineering teams. He holds multiple networking patents.

Rajeev Nagar

Rajeev Nagar oversees the Core Networking team in Windows responsible for infrastructural networking/connectivity technologies for Microsoft operating system platforms, devices, and services (datacenter/Cloud). Past responsibilities have included strategic, business, & technological leadership for storage, clustering, and high-availability offerings within Microsoft Windows. Prior to Microsoft, Rajeev was founding-CEO and CTO of Kuokoa Networks, Inc. (focused on storage networking solutions for large enterprises), and founder/CEO of NTCS, Inc. (delivering file-systems, storage, and security solutions for Windows NT based deployments). Rajeev has also held technical leadership positions with Hewlett-Packard, and Transarc Co. (IBM). Rajeev’s credits include multiple patents and publications, including a book. Rajeev holds a BE in Computer Engineering, MS (Computer Sc. – UCF), and MBA (Haas School – UC, Berkeley).

Ryan Moats

Ryan Moats is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM with over twenty years of experience in networking and fifteen years in Open Source.  He holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

Youcef Laribi

Youcef Laribi is a Principal Architect at Citrix and member of the Networking Group CTO Office. He drives Cloud and SDN integration for the Citrix NetScaler ADC product, and is also active in the OpenStack Neutron LBaaS project. During a career that spans 20 years, he has worked on OS micro-kernels, DCE and CORBA distributed systems, web services and several security technologies. He studied in France and spent over 15 years in England before moving to sunny California. Youcef holds a PhD in Computer Science from Grenoble National Institute (INPG), France.