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OpenDaylight “Helium” -- The Rise of Open SDN

OpenDaylight is an open platform for network programmability to enable SDN and NFV for networks at any size and scale.  The community’s second release “Helium” comes with a new user interface and a much simpler and customizable installation process thanks to the use of the Apache Karaf container.

For those looking to manage their networks using OpenDaylight, there is deeper integration with OpenStack, including significant improvements in the Open vSwitch Database Integration project, and a technology preview of advanced OpenStack features such as Security Groups, Distributed Virtual Router and Load Balancing-as-a-Service.

OpenDaylight software is a combination of components including a fully pluggable controller, interfaces, protocol plug-ins and applications.  With this common platform both customers and vendors can innovate and collaborate in order to commercialize SDN- and NFV-based solutions.

In the Helium release, the OpenDaylight platform has evolved in other key areas including high availability, clustering and security, as well as strengthening and adding new protocols like OpenFlow Table Type Patterns, PacketCable MultiMedia, an application policy framework and tools for Service Function Chaining.

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For more information on the first OpenDaylight release “Hydrogen,” click here.

For Developers looking to get acquainted with the code currently in the repository, visit the Developer Wiki.