OpenDaylight: Open Source SDN Platform

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an industry movement for building programmable networks that are flexible and responsive to organizations' and users' needs. OpenDaylight, the largest open source SDN controller, is helping lead this transition. By uniting the industry around a common SDN platform, the OpenDaylight community -- solution providers, individual developers, and users working together -- is delivering interoperable, programmable networks to service providers, enterprises, universities and a variety of organizations around the globe. Learn more about the OpenDaylight Platform and Use Cases.

OpenDaylight Use Cases

The OpenDaylight platform (ODL) provides a flexible common platform underpinning a wide breadth of applications and Use Cases. Read about some of the most common use cases here – and then let your imagination run free.

End Users

There are 27 OpenDaylight User Groups (ODLUGs) around the globe representing over 3,500 individuals with more people joining every day. Find or start one near you.


The OpenDaylight developer community is comprised of 600+ people and growing! Learn how you can participate in the industry’s largest open source SDN community. Join the OpenDaylight community


We host and participate in events around the globe. Join us at an event near you.

Support and Engage With OpenDaylight

The OpenDaylight Foundation promotes and advances the global development, distribution and adoption of the ODL platform. The work we do is sustained by our members, who are committed to collaborating within an open governance framework to solve our industry’s shared challenges. Learn more about how the Project is governed, about our advisors and board of directors, and how your company can support and advance OpenDaylight and the open SDN ecosystem.


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