Founded in 2013, we are now a founding member of LF Networking (LFN), an entity that integrates the governance of participating projects in order to enhance operational excellence, simplify member engagement, and increase collaboration across open source networking projects and standards bodies. Each technical project retains its technical independence and project roadmaps. Learn more about LFN.

Our aim is to grow a strong OpenDaylight and Open Networking ecosystem by facilitating collaboration between developers, end users, LFN member companies and fellow open source projects to produce the most relevant and reliable technology solutions. Together, the OpenDaylight community supports user adoption with training, integration services, community events and other resources around the world.

The work we do is made possible by contributions from LFN’s many Silver, Gold and Platinum member companies, as well as the countless technical contributions from our developer community. As an open source project, the ODL platform is freely available for use under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), and anyone can participate in its development. We strongly believe in working together to solve our industry’s shared challenges, and fostering a community where we all “leave our company badges at the door.” Learn how to get started with OpenDaylight, as a developer or as a user.

Technical Steering Committee

OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee (TSC) provides leadership regarding the technical direction of the ODL platform, as well as guidance on collaborative practices. Developers are elected by the ODL community to serve one-year terms.

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End User Advisory Group

The Advisory Group assists and supports OpenDaylight in its objectives by providing technical and strategic guidance to the TSC and ODL developer community based on challenges of running a real-world network. Chris Luke, Sr. Principal Engineer of Comcast, is the group’s Chairperson.

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