To facilitate an open ecosystem, OpenDaylight was structured with an open source license, open design, development and contribution model and finally, an, appropriate, open governance model.

OpenDaylight is open to anyone. Anyone can develop and contribute code, get elected to the Technical Steering Committee, or help steer the project forward in any number of ways.

Developers who are elected to the Technical Steering Committee or who participate as project leaders will provide leadership regarding the technical direction of OpenDaylight.

For more information on OpenDaylight’s Governance Model, please visit the following resources:

Learn more about TSC member selection, governance, and activities.

Technical Steering Committee Members

Abhijit Kumbhare

TSC Chair

Abhijit is the project lead for the OpenDaylight OpenFlow plugin project. He is technical lead for Ericsson OpenDaylight efforts and is a Principal Architect in the Technology department for Ericsson¹s SDN unit.

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An Ho

An Ho is an active contributor to various ODL projects such as the PTL of Unified Secure Channel and committer of NEMO and Armoury. An is passionate about software defined networking, next generation cloud technology, and Internet of Things.

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Anil Vishnoi

Anil Vishnoi is a Principal Software Engineer at Lumina Networks, US. He has been an active participant in OpenDaylight community and associated with it since the inception of the project.

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Brady Johnson

Brady is a Principal Software Engineer and Engineering Manager at Inocybe Technologies where he drives Inocybe's Open Networking Solution.

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George Zhao

George currently is a senior architect at Huawei Technologies and is contributing his time to the OpenDaylight Project as Community Manager. He was one of the core architect team members for Huawei's SDN Controller before dedicating his time to work for the OpenDaylight community.

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Jamo Luhrsen

My entire career to date (17 years via Cisco, HP and currently Red Hat) has been in the networking industry exclusively in system test. I work remotely from Sacramento, CA. I was able to start work with SDN technologies in 2013.

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Lori Jakab

Lori is passionate about computer networks and open source, contributing to projects such as Wireshark, Open vSwitch, the Linux Kernel and LISPmob apart from OpenDaylight, as evidenced by his Open HUB and GitHub profiles.

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Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez is a Principal Test Engineer in the Open Source Software group at Lumina Networks and has led the Integration Group in OpenDaylight since its creation.

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Quan Xiong

Quan Xiong is the PTL for the BIER project and active contributor to the OpenDaylight Community. Quan is also a Senior Research Engineer for ZTE.

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Robert Varga

Robert has been involved in OpenDaylight from its start, having co-authored the MD-SAL architecture and designing major portions of its implementation.

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Sam Hague

I am a Senior Principal Engineer in the Office of Technology at Red Hat, Inc. I have been involved with OpenDaylight since the first release as a PTL or committer on various projects.

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Stephen Kitt

I've been a professional developer for twenty years. I started my networking career at 3Com in the UK at the turn of the century, working on QoS and network configuration automation, before going into consulting as a Java and Maven expert in France for many years.

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Thanh Ha

As a Release Engineer working on OpenDaylight, Thanh is responsible for helping manage the CI infrastructure as well as doing release engineering work for ODL projects.

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