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Virtualization Review: New OpenDaylight SDN Controller Boosts IoT Support

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It also includes an integrated framework for network functions virtualization (NFV) management.

The OpenDaylight Project has produced the sixth version of its open source software-defined networking (SDN) controller, describing the “Carbon” release as more mature, with more support for Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, among other enhancements…

In the new Carbon release, the project focuses on better IoT, Metro Ethernet and cable operator support, along with improved integration with the OpenStack project, which provides a cloud OS. Other areas of focus included integrated NFV management and S3P, standing for security, scale, stability and performance.

Fierce Telecom: OpenDaylight Foundation shows off Carbon for Metro Ethernet and the IoT

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While the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is adding members and is working on a wide range of technologies to support software defined networking (SDN), the OpenDaylight Foundation,yet another project overseen by the Linux Foundation, has released the sixth iteration of its open source SDN controller.

The revision, named Carbon, improves support for Metro Ethernet and for cable networks, as well as internet of things (IoT) deployments, OpenDaylight said. The previous revision, Boron, was released last September.

Telecom Asia: OpenDaylight announces Carbon SDN platform

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The OpenDaylight Project, which delivers an open source platform for programmable, software-defined networks, has announced the sixth major release of its open source SDN controller. The latest release, named Carbon, features enhancements designed to better support for metro Ethernet and cable operators, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, OpenDaylight said. The previous revision, Boron, was debuted in September 2016.

RCR Wireless News: Telecom organizations boosting support for open source

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Organizational support for open source initiatives is easing the integration of platforms into the telecom world.

One key challenge for growing the support of open source into the telecommunications space is through various organizations that are looking to either bolster the use of open source or build platforms based on open source specifications. These efforts are seen as beneficial to operators and vendors looking to take advantage of open source platforms.

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Light Reading: Tencent Uses OpenDaylight for Critical Issues

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Light Reading: Tencent Uses OpenDaylight for Critical Issues

Although Chinese social media giant Tencent only joined OpenDaylight in February, it has been using the ODL controller for about two years to address critical network issues including connecting its data centers globally with greater flexibility, running its cloud network, scaling up virtual firewalls and Internet-based interconnection, a company executive told the OpenDaylight Summit today.

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