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Founded upon the principles of open, ethical and transparent development, companies have joined forces to establish the largest software-defined networking Open Source project to date, with the goal of a common and open SDN Platform for vendors, customers, partners and developers to utilize, contribute to and build commercial products upon.

How To Participate

As is common with most open source projects there are many ways to participate in OpenDaylight, from writing code, QA and participating in events. 

Mailing Lists

OpenDaylight has a number of mailing lists for developers and users to discuss the project. LEARN MORE


Participate with other members of the OpenDaylight community by adding content to our wiki. LEARN MORE

Community Labs

As the OpenDaylight platform and ecosystem continue to grow, so does the need for testing and integration to ensure interoperability between all the components. LEARN MORE

Summer Intern Program

Through the OpenDaylight internship program, students can expand their knowledge of both traditional and emerging networking technologies and protocols. Interns will be at the forefront of networking innovation in SDN and working with the industry’s leading technologists. LEARN MORE

OpenDaylight User Groups