The OpenDaylight community is pleased to announce the availability of the 13th release of the most widely deployed open source SDN controller platform, OpenDaylight Aluminum! The 13th OpenDaylight release adds new functionality to the Controller and TransportPCE projects and brings many bug fixes and improvements.

Key Release Statistics

  • 13th OpenDaylight release
  • 3.7K+ commits
  • 87 committers
  • 10 participating organizations

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Ongoing Industry Momentum

The OpenDaylight Controller continues to be a part of industry wide interoperability test environments including the Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test in the EANTC lab. Also, the OpenDaylight powered SDN SDK lighty-core maintains compatibility with the OpenDaylight Aluminum release. What’s more,  ODL Micro is available to run a typical OpenDaylight SDN component such as NETCONF or OpenFlowPlugin without requiring the Apache Karaf OSGi runtime container. This release has an experimental release of the NETCONF micro artefact.

Features & Improvements

The ODL controller has important storage related features, that allow for incremental datastore journal recovery and compression of datastore snapshots, while supporting L4Z compression for these snapshots.

Incremental Data Recovery makes it faster to recover and reduce the overall storage requirements and multiple projects have scalability, stability, performance, documentation, and upgrade related improvements:

  • OVSDB project supports a new L2GW command
  • ODL Parent allows sensitive messages to be marked and stored in a separate file
  • YANG Tools project received improvements in parser validation and error reporting
  • JSONRPC includes clustering support
  • Netvirt & Genius received API optimizations


The BGPCEP project in OpenDaylight now supports WAN connectivity, and received updates that ensure its compliance with a number of RFCs

  • Stateful Extension: RFC 8231 & 8232
  • PCEP TLS Secure Session: RFC 8253
  • Initiated Extension: RFC 8281
  • Path Setup Type: RFC 8408


In addition to several bug fixes, the TransportPCE project adds a new feature (End-To-End OTN Service Management) also evaluating architectural enhancements to support higher data rate service provisioning – beyond 100 Gbps! Other updates include:

  • NETCONF: support for RSA keys with SHA265/SHA512 in NETCONF as per RFC8332 for enhanced security.
  • RESTCONF: Support for Server Sent Events to comply with RFC8040 (RESTCONF).
  • API Documentation: The API documentation explorer has been upgraded from Swagger 1.2 to OpenAPI 3.0. The NETCONF project also includes numerous bug fixes.