The OpenDaylight community is excited to announce the availability of the 15th release of the most widely deployed, modular, open-source SDN controller platform – OpenDaylight Phosphorus (15.0.0).

“I am very happy to announce the 15th release of OpenDaylight, which is still holding a reference position in the network controllers open source ecosystem. This release comes with a lot of nice improvements, fruits of the hard work done over the past releases. They should please developers as well as end-users.” –Guillaume Lambert

In general, OpenDaylight Phosphorus’s focus lies in major improvements towards the developer, application, and user experience.

In the 15th OpenDaylight release, a noticeable shift in NETCONF/YANG can be spotted from afar – YANG Tools themselves received over 53 improvements & 13 new features. What once dominated network transport and services is gradually expanding into other industries, like broadband, or RAN, as well.

In the name of open standardization, Phosphorus finally presents RFC8040 interpretation for YANG Patch Media Type in RESTCONF.

Controller received faster and better clustering communication with AKKA Artery in the Phosphorus release.

Projects like YANG Tools, NETCONF, or MD-SAL introduce several improvements and fixes. While no new notable features are present, these quality-of-life improvements increase stability and create space for new features in future releases.

OpenDaylight Phosphorus in numbers:

  • 260 fixes in total
  • 2.1K + commits
  • 40 committers
  • 10 participating organizations


  • [Controller] Entity Ownership Service: Rewritten from scratch, independent from SAL distributed datastore.
    • The module Entity Ownership Service replaces sal-distributed-datastore, which was superseded by AKKA cluster utilities for easier manipulation. This rewrite separates the data-store and EOS entities, for fewer dependencies and individual manipulation.
    • [Controller] Communications use AKKA Artery
  • [Controller] Communications use AKKA Artery
    • The Controller has an entire module rewritten from scratch and upgraded to AKKA Artery for faster, better, and more future-proof communications. Artery is a reimplementation of the remoting module aimed at improving performance and stability.
  • [MD-SAL] Netty Replication feature
    • MD-SAL received Netty Replication, for an easy setup & teardown of Netty (network applications) replication connections. It has proper documentation, CSIT and was used in production long enough to promote it to a full feature.
  •  [NETCONF] RFC8040: Full YANG Patch Media Type interpretation
    • (RESTCONF) A method for applying patches to configuration datastores, using data defined with the YANG data modeling language.
  •  [BGP-PCEP] Global Settings Behaviour
    • Configuration for legacy BGP link state path attribute encoding now uses the OSGi Configuration Admin interface.
  • [YANGTools] Added RFC8639 “subscription-state-notification” extension
  • [TransportPCE] end-to-end connectivity management of high rates (400G) and otn service improvements”


  • [InfraUtils] pom.xmls Error-Prone executions: Enabled on JDK 11 through 17
  • [AAA] Upgraded Apache Shiro dependency
  • [AAA] Split data store implementation from AAA Shiro
  • [BGP-PCEP] Improved message parsing interface
  • [Controller] Lower memory footprint for AKKA Segmented Journal
  • [Controller] Snapshot & journal export on recovery
  • [JSON-RPC] Separate module for JSON/DOM codec
  • [NETCONF] Removed odl-messagebus feature
  • [NETCONF] Node Topology correctly marks yang-ext:mount presence
  • [OpenFlow] Enabled matching of TCP/UDP source/destination ports per-flow


  • [YANGTools] 50 fixes for conversion, reporting, and more
  • [TransportPCE] 38 fixes for various issues
  • [NETCONF] 29 fixes for RFC handling, RESTCONF fixes
  • [BGP-PCEP] 22 fixes for Error Message Handling, Unexpected Behavior & more
  • [MD-SAL] 21 fixes, increasing stability and cleanup
  • [AAA] Fixed warning is shown when using multiple authentication methods
  • [Controller] Deprecated a bunch of unused models and deprecated implementations
  • [InfraUtils] Deprecated Job Coordinator & Shell artifact
  • [JSON-RPC] Various fixes
  • [OpenFlow] Various fixes

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