The OpenDaylight community is pleased to announce the availability of the 14th release of the most widely deployed open source SDN controller platform, OpenDaylight Silicon! The release features improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes with the key release highlights listed below. 

Key Release Statistics

  • 14th OpenDaylight release
  • 2.99K + commits
  • 67 committers
  • 12 participating organizations

Release Release Highlights


NETCONF is an XML-based protocol used for configuration and monitoring devices in the network. The RestConf Call Home feature (First introduced in Aluminum, now complete with the Silicon release) makes connections easier and assists managing network device, e.g. firewall, when having connection problems. NetConf also added multiple fixtures, node clustering for isolation, and encrypted passwords for enhanced security.


TransportPCE describes an application running on top of the OpenDaylight controller with a primary function to control an optical transport infrastructure using a non-proprietary South Bound Interface (SBI). TransportPCE in the Silicon release proposes an experimental support for high rate services, leveraging Flexgrid feature introduced in Aluminium. Th first implementation allows rendering 400 GE services. Asynchronous service creation and deletion are also introduced thanks to northbound notifications modules based on a Kafka client implementation, allowing interactions with the DMaaP Bus of ONAP.

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