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The OpenDaylight community is excited to announce the availability of the 16th release of the most widely deployed, modular, open-source SDN controller platform – OpenDaylight Sulfur (2022.03).

“I am pleased to announce the release 2022.03 of OpenDaylight a.k.a Sulfur. As usual, this new release comes with many improvements and modernizations. I would like to thank all our contributors who helped to achieve this milestone.
It is worth mentioning that during this release cycle, kernel and core projects provided valuable work, for example to consolidate the support of IETF RFC8040, and in parallel, protocol and transport projects – especially OpenFlow and BGPCEP and TransportPCE – put in a significant effort to develop new features and to adopt newer standards.” –Guillaume Lambert

Overall, OpenDaylight Sulfur release fixes a lot of high-priority bugs, as well as notable improvements to all of its projects.

YANGTools has 100+ recorded fixes & improvements, while NETCONF & MD-SAL received over 65 fixes respectively as well.

On the topic of YANG Tools – a significant performance improvement has been reached with YANG Parser. YANG parser’s memory efficiency has been improved by about 5x on service-provider-grade device models.

The Controller project’s default configuration of the Distributed Datastore has been changed to take advantage of the tell-based protocol, which has been long in the works. This translates into significantly more modest requirements on native memory, when coupled with Akka Artery.

MD-SAL received a treatment for behavior & feature changes, as well as some removed features that were superseded by new RFC revisions.

As always, we recommend developers and interested parties to review the detailed changelog for the project, available here.

The current release marks an enormous effort to clean up each OpenDaylight project. In comparison to Phosphorus, we have recorded over 300 fixes and more than 2.6K commits.

While a limited number of new features is available, the effort that went into fixing high-priority bugs and bringing improvements to the Sulfur release will go a long way in maintaining OpenDaylight’s position as a staple in the networking domain.

To put this releases effort into perspective, here is OpenDaylight Sulfur in numbers:

  • 327 fixes in total
  • 2.6K+ commits
  • 45 contributors
  • 10 participating organizations


  • [BGP-PCEP]
    • The PCE server has gained the ability to interact with PCEP topology and therefore properly manage paths.
  • [YANG Tools]
    • Add YangErrorInfo
      • Data object model for additional error information, used to encode elements in error-info results
    • Add NETCONF/YANG common error constructs
      • Pulls common data-agnostic bits for a sound definition of these error-related constructs
    • Added support for RFC8639 subscription-state-notification extension
      • A simple tagging extension, aimed to treat YANG notifications, related to subscription management, differently
  • [MD-SAL]
    • Promoted odl-mdsal-exp-replicate-netty to full feature


  • [BGP-PCEP]
    • Segment Routing is activated by default
    • Added source of incoming messages in log
      • Useful for decreasing debugging time, BGP-PCEP now provides the IP address and port of the source of incoming messages in the log
    • Recognize RFC9104 Extended Administrative Group
    • Format error messages to increase user-friendliness
    • Updated tests w/ AKKA Artery
    • Convert Console, Client & mdsal-netconf-yang-library to OSGi DS
    • Use standard media types (RFC8040 & RFC8072)
    • Upgrade to SSHD 2.7.0
  • [ODL Parent]
    • JUnit5 available by default
    • Modular OSGi declarations available
  • [YANG Tools]
    • YANG Parser has 5x improved memory efficiency
    • 3 new (converted) JPMS modules (yang-data-codec-binfmt, yang-data-transform, yang-model-export)
  • [MD-SAL]
    • Documented yang- ext:mount extension
  • [Infrautils]
    • Migrated samples to OSGi DS


  • [YANGTools] 100 fixes & improvements
  • [NETCONF] 65 fixes & improvements
  • [BGP-PCEP] 22 fixes
  • [MD-SAL] 64 fixes, increasing stability and cleanup
  • [AAA] 3 important bug fixes
  • [Controller] 38 fixes & improvements
  • [InfraUtils] 19 items for deprecation and cleanup, some fixes
  • [JSON-RPC] 1 high-priority fix & update
  • [ODL Parent] 15 fixes

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