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To facilitate an open ecosystem, OpenDaylight was structured with an open source license, open design, development and contribution model and finally, an, appropriate, open governance model.  The project is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and implements many open source best practices familiar to other leading projects. Further, any individual, company or organization can engage directly and immediately to begin shaping the future of the project.

OpenDaylight is open to anyone. Anyone can develop and contribute code, get elected to the Technical Steering Committee, get voted onto the Board, or help steer the project forward in any number of ways.

Developers who are elected to the Technical Steering Committee or who participate as project leaders will provide leadership regarding the technical direction of OpenDaylight.

For more information on OpenDaylight's Governance Model, please visit the following resources:


Technical Steering Committee 

Abhijit Kumbhare

Abhijit is the project lead for the OpenDaylight OpenFlow plugin project. He is technical lead for Ericsson OpenDaylight efforts and is a Principal Architect in the Technology department for Ericsson¹s SDN unit. In the past he had been an active member of the Forwarding Abstractions Workgroup (FAWG) at the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and has contributed to and evangelized the main example table type pattern at the FAWG meetings/ONF member workdays. He has extensive experience in networking software development as well as leading teams toward successful outcomes. Prior to joining Ericsson he was the Director, Software R&D at Blade Network Technologies / IBM (System Networking). He has been involved in OpenDaylight since its inception. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.

An Ho

An Ho serves as an active contributor to various ODL projects such as the PTL of Unified Secure Channel and committer of NEMO. An is passionate about software defined networking, next generation cloud technology, and Internet of Things. An believes that open industry collaboration in networking and SDN has the potential to produce significant progress and innovation. He currently works at Huawei Technologies in enterprise network technologies, and previously worked at Cisco in the emerging technologies group. An graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Anil Vishnoi

Anil Vishnoi is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Brocade R&D, US. He has been an active participant in OpenDaylight community and associated with it since the inception of the project. He is an active contributor to number of OpenDaylight projects including the OpenDaylight Controller, OpenFlow Plugin,  OVSDB & Net-Virt project. His contribution to the projects is spread across various technology like network virtualization, clustering, southbound device management and NFV usecases.

Prior to joining Brocade, Anil was working with IBM Research, where he conducted research in SDN & Cloud technology domain for more than half a decade. He is passionate about disruptive networking technologies and prefer to contribute to these technology in Open Source way. He has masters in computer engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-India.

Colin Dixon (Chairperson)

Colin is a Principal Engineer at Brocade and has been participating in OpenDaylight since day one and actively contributes to the controller, l2switch and TTP projects. He also co-authored the Dixon-Erickson OpenDaylight Merged Controller Proposal, which helped to resolve core architectural issues in the controller and community early on. He has spent over a decade working on networks as a researcher, developer, and operator on networks at various scales. He has a PhD in networking and distributed systems from the University of Washington and is passionate about using open source, software, and SDN to change the way we do networking.

Ed Warnicke

Ed Warnicke is a Distinguished Consulting Engineer in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office (CTAO) office at Cisco Systems.  He has been working for over a decade in many areas of networking and Open Source.  He has been a member of the OpenDaylight TSC since its inception, is chair of the TSC, a member of the board.  He has a masters in Physics (String Theory) from Rutgers University

Hideyuki Tai

Hideyuki Tai is an active contributor to OpenDaylight since 2013, predominantly on network virtualization. He works for NEC as a Software Engineer, and has been involved in development of NEC's SDN controller products since 2010. He has a master degree in computer science from Keio University in Japan.

Huan Linying

Huan Linying is a Principal Engineer in ZTE Corporation and have been in ZTE for 10+ years. Before 2016 he was focusing on SW architecture designing of network communication device. He turned to SDN technology and has been involved in OpenDaylight since 2016. He plans to focus on MD-SAL project in Opendaylight. as well as various application projects, such as BIER/SPTN/Of-Config. He hopes to find more use cases for OpenDaylight through these applications and make the project more useful.

Jamo Luhrsen

My entire career to date (17 years via Cisco, HP and currently Red Hat) has been in the networking industry exclusively in system test. I work remotely from Sacramento, CA. I moved from Cisco to HP in 2013 to be able to work with SDN technologies. In the summer of 2014, I joined the OpenDaylight community and have enjoyed the experience immensely. Initially I focused on the openflowplugin project, but since have spent more cycles in the ovsdb and netvirt projects.

Lori Jakab

Lori is passionate about computer networks and open source, contributing to projects such as Wireshark, Open vSwitch, the Linux Kernel and LISPmob apart from OpenDaylight, as evidenced by his Open HUB and GitHub profiles. He is a committer on the LISP Flow Mapping project since day one, contributed to quite a few other projects, being one of the top 10 contributors during the Boron release cycle, and is active on the OpenDaylight Q&A site as well. He loves to experiment with new technologies, deployed IPv6 in a 400+ computer network in a university campus building back in 2003, moonlighted as a sysadmin for many years, and earned a Ph.D. in computer networks from BarcelonaTECH in 2011.

Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez is a Principal Test Engineer in the Open Source Software group at Brocade and has led the Integration Group in OpenDaylight since its creation. Previously, he was a Staff Solution Integration Engineer at Ericsson where he spent more than a decade integrating and testing service provider networks including mobile, broadband and transport solutions. Luis has a Master in Telecommunications Engineering -Radio and Transmission- from Polytechnic University of Madrid and he is passionate about the people and the values of the OpenDaylight and broader open source community.

Robert Varga

Robert has been involved in OpenDaylight from its start, having co-authored the MD-SAL architecture and designing major portions of its implementation.
He is the overall top contributor on OpenDaylight and has contributed ~13% of all patches merged, touching majority of projects. He is a committer of a wide range of projects -- odlparent, yangtools, mdsal, bgpcep, tcpmd5, vbd, infrautils and coretutorials. 
His contributions tend to center around maven build system, overall architecture and high-level design (BGP, PCEP, OpenFlow Boron design, Virtual Bridge Domain), performance/stability-critical pieces of infrastructure and high availability. Examples of past contributions include the in-memory datastore, which boasts 100x performance advantage over available YANG-based datastores, and BGP and PCEP implementations, which offer performance on-par with leading routers and are now being extended to full feature parity by 3 companies working in the OpenDaylight community. His latest area of focus is Clustered Data Store, where he contributes to improving reliability and throughput and groundwork needed for in-service cluster upgrades. 

His past experience includes 5 years in IT operations and 18 years of building network-related technologies, ranging from simple network elements to self-organizing distributed systems. In the past 10 years in his capacity as CTO of Pantheon Technologies its growth to 120+ engineers.

Sam Hague

I am a Senior Principal Engineer in the Office of Technology at Red Hat, Inc. I have been involved with OpenDaylight since the first release as a PTL or committer on various projects. Previous experience includes leading the software development at Extreme Networks adding OpenFlow to their line of switches and a variety of technologies at Cisco Systems from creating the first SIP IP phones to adding Bluetooth and VPN capabilities to mobile routers to implementing H.264/AVC video conferencing on Android-based tablets.

Stephen Kitt

I've been a professional developer for twenty years. I started my networking career at 3Com in the UK at the turn of the century, working on QoS and network configuration automation, before going into consulting as a Java and Maven expert in France for many years. I joined Red Hat in 2015 to work full time on OpenDaylight. I've been involved in open source / free software for a long time; I think my first patch was to lynx in 1995. I'm a Debian developer, and I have contributed code to quite a few different open source projects.

Thanh Ha

As a Release Engineer working on OpenDaylight, Thanh is responsible for helping to manage the CI infrastructure as well as doing release engineering work for OpenDaylight projects. Prior to joining the OpenDaylight project, Thanh was a Release Engineer at the Eclipse Foundation working on the Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) and helped various Eclipse projects migrate their builds from a PDE based build over to Maven including the Eclipse Platform Project.

Thanh has mentored in several internship programs including Google Summer of Code, University Capstone Open Source Project, Open Academy as well as OpenDaylight's own internship programs mentoring for projects such as Freeseer, Eclipse, OpenDaylight and Jenkins Job Builder.

Thanh holds a Bachelor of Information Technology - Network Technology degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Thanh is from Cornwall, a small town in Ontario Canada and has been interested in Software Development since grade school and has been building software since his first year in High School and has a broad set of skills from Software Development to Networking, Release Engineering, System Administration, and has a strong interest in Open Source development.