To facilitate an open ecosystem, OpenDaylight was structured with an open source license, open design, development and contribution model and finally, an, appropriate, open governance model.

OpenDaylight is open to anyone. Anyone can develop and contribute code, get elected to the Technical Steering Committee, or help steer the project forward in any number of ways.

Developers who are elected to the Technical Steering Committee or who participate as project leaders will provide leadership regarding the technical direction of OpenDaylight.

For more information on OpenDaylight’s Governance Model, please visit the following resources:

Learn more about TSC member selection, governance, and activities.

OpenDaylight would like to thank our former TSC Chairs: David Meyer (2013 – 2014), and Colin Dixon (2015 – 2017 ), Abhijit Kumbhare (2018 – 2020)

The community-elected Release Manager is Daniel De La Rosa.

Technical Steering Committee Members

Anil Belur

Anil has been serving with the OpenDaylight Release management since 2016 (since Carbon release and ongoing) and an active contributor to the LF release repositories.

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Guillaume Lambert

TSC Chair

Guillaume Lambert is a Telecomunication Engineer and has been working for Orange since 2003.

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Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez is a Principal Test Engineer in the Open Source Software group at Lumina Networks and has led the Integration Group in OpenDaylight since its creation.

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Navid Ghazisaidi

Navid Ghazisaidi has 10+ years of experience from leading design, development, and testing teams to deployment planning, managing suppliers, and supporting productions of emerging technologies & solutions.

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Oleksii Mozghovyi

Oleksii Mozghovyi is a Senior Software Engineer in, working on OpenDaylight based products.

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Robert Varga

Robert has been involved in OpenDaylight from its start, having co-authored the MD-SAL architecture and designing major portions of its implementation.

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Venkatrangan Govindaragan

Venkatrangan is currently a committer to the Opendaylight and a Senior Test Engineer at Lumina Networks.

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