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Get a First Glimpse of OpenDaylight September 18th in New Orleans

The OpenDaylight Project is hosting its first OpenDaylight Mini-Summit on September 18th, 2013 co-located with CloudOpen and LinuxCon in New Orleans. It’s an opportunity to get a first glimpse of the OpenDaylight architecture being built by the community, and to engage developers and project leaders in discussions about implementations, deployments and how to get involved. CloudOpen boasts a schedule replete with collaboration and education opportunities for all matters of open source cloud, from OpenStack to KVM to Xen, Hadoop, Gluster and more. Register now and get 30% off with promo code CO2013BC.

We are pleased to announce the following sessions:

Panel: Clouds, Virtualization and SDN - What Networking Features Do Cloud Environments Need that OpenDaylight Can Provide?: Networking experts from OpenStack and CloudStack will discuss their most pressing problems in virtual networking and ask you to bring questions and suggestions on how OpenDaylight should evolve to best serve cloud environments in service providers and enterprises alike.

An Introduction to OpenDaylight's First Release: Ed Warnicke, Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems, will describe the OpenDaylight architecture and each key feature and component that will be included in the first release.

Network As Code: From Development to Production Using OpenDaylight: OpenDaylight is being used in production at the University of Kentucky on 1,000 ports and Brent Salisbury and Evan Zeller are developing an Open vSwitch Database Integration module to manage the switches. They are presenting their use case.

Network Virtualization Support in OpenDaylight: OpenDaylight will support multiple methods of network virtualization. In this talk, Anees Shaikh, Chief SDN Architect, System Networking Division at IBM, will provide an overview of the different types of network virtualization supported by OpenDaylight and go into detail on the Overlay technology provided by the OpenDOVE project.

Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) - Network Virtualization on OpenDaylight: Continuing our look at network virtualization, with the OpenDaylight VTN users can design and deploy any desired network without knowing the physical network topology or bandwidth restrictions underneath. Su-Hun Yun, Senior Manager, NEC Corporation of America, is presenting the OpenDaylight VTN project in-depth.

More details on the OpenDaylight events page. See you in September!

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