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Introducing the OpenDaylight Ambassador Program

The growth of the OpenDaylight community has been astounding in the 15 months since launch. It started with just a handful of developers and has climbed to over 220 from a range of backgrounds, including seven student interns from around the globe - all working together to create the future of networking built on open source technologies.

Interest in the project is growing so quickly that we’ve put together an ambassador program to help sustain and grow the worldwide community. We are looking to enlist OpenDaylight experts who know and use the code and who are willing to share that knowledge with others around the world, with the project providing support and resources to enable that.

Ambassador Profile

Someone who is passionate about OpenDaylight and open SDN and recognized for their expertise and willingness to help others learn about the software. Usually hands-on practitioners. Someone who has the characteristics of being helpful, hopeful and humble. People like bloggers, influencers, evangelists who are already engaged with the project in some way. Contributing to forums, online groups, community, etc.

We will be selecting a small number of OpenDaylight Ambassadors to be the primary point of contact in a particular region. Their role will be to:

  • Be a go-to resource for people interested in OpenDaylight
    • Solicit, gather and share feedback from users with OpenDaylight and the community
    • Help connect interested users with the right folks within the community, OpenDaylight User Groups (ODLUG) and project leadership
    • Answer questions on, at events, on social media, blogs etc.
    • Help onboard new users and contributors
  • Help local users learn more about OpenDaylight in geographies where we’re seeing a lot of interest
    • Organize and host local ODLUG meetups
    • Organize, host and moderate virtual ODLUG group
    • Report on activities in your ODLUG or region
  • Represent the community publicly
    • At speaking and other opportunities with the official title
    • Ability to be involved in press interviews on behalf of OpenDaylight

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please submit your application here or share this with someone you think would be a good fit. We look forward to working with the ambassadors to spread the word about OpenDaylight!

Questions or other feedback can be emailed to