The developer community is the heart of the OpenDaylight Project. Whether you’re a user, an engineer working for a solution provider, or an independent developer with a personal interest in open networking, there’s no better way to help drive forward the field of networking than to join the OpenDaylight developer community.

Here are recommended steps for starting your participation in Opendaylight. Don’t hesitate to bookmark this page to have all your key links in one place.

  • Read the Platform Overview and Roadmap.
  • Download the code here, and start exploring.
  • Read the documentation, especially the Getting Started Guide, and explore the wiki. The wiki is the best source of technical information and links for OpenDaylight.
    • You can also view tutorials on YouTube (or Youku in China).
    • Online training is also available from the Linux Foundation and other providers.
    • The LFN Member Guide also contains useful information for engaging effectively in a variety of ways in open source communities.
  • Join a project that interests you. A full list of projects can be found here. Or if in doubt, join the Documentation, or Integration and Test projects. These are excellent paths for learning the inner workings of the platform.
  • Find a mentor to help shepherd your contributions to the project. ODL Foundation technical staff can help guide you if you’re not sure whom to work with, given your interests.
    • Mail lists and IRC are an excellent way to learn about both the projects and the developers who work on them. Join as many as you find interesting.
  • As you gain expertise, volunteer for leadership roles, and mentor newer developers.