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Use Cases

The OpenDaylight platform (ODL) provides a common foundation and a robust array of services to enable a wide breadth of applications and use cases. ODL delivers the benefits of SDN and NFV to carriers, enterprises, research institutions, and other organizations such as cities and metropolitan areas.

Use cases are based on deployments of ODL that have been implemented or tested in a production or lab environment. The major categories of use cases delivered by ODL are:

Automated Service Delivery: Providing on-demand services that may be controlled by the end user or the service provider. Examples include bandwidth scheduling (either calendered or on-demand) or dynamic VPN services.

Cloud and NFV: Agile service delivery on cloud infrastructure in either the enterprise or service provider environment. The underlay will frequently be OpenStack in all cases, and in the carrier case will often also include Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Network Resources Optimization (NRO): Dynamically optimizing the network based on load and state. This is the most common carrier use case as it optimizes the network using the near-real-time state of traffic, topology and equipment. NRO uses a variety of southbound protocols (for example, NETCONF, BGP-LS or OpenFlow) depending on the underlying network. In addition to being used “under the covers” by many telcos and cable operators, this is a top use case for enterprise and financial institutions.

Research, Education and Government: Highly agile automation of networks - often greenfield - for universities, cities and metropolitan areas. This may sometimes involve the Internet of Things (IoT).

Visibility and Control: Centralized administration of the network and/or multiple controllers. This is sometimes used by carriers or enterprises as a precursor to NRO.


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