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Use Cases and Users

OpenDaylight is in production in more than 150 organizations around the world–from large telecom carriers collectively supporting 1 Billion subscribers, to webscale content providers to enterprises, research organizations and universities. Learn how others are using OpenDaylight, and how to help your own organization get started on the path to open networking.

Use Cases

OpenDaylight was designed to enable virtually any networking use case you can imagine. Read about some of today’s most common use cases.


User Stories

Why did your peers look at SDN? Why did they choose OpenDaylight? What have they learned and accomplished so far? These user stories can help you plan for your own OpenDaylight deployment.


Getting Started

From technical instructions to getting help and collaborating with peers, this is the one-page cheat sheet to all the resources you need.


OpenDaylight and the Open Networking Stack

OpenDaylight is a core component of a number of emerging open networking frameworks and integration projects organized around leading use cases. Learn about OpenDaylight’s sister initiatives.