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OpenDaylight was designed to be a broad, general-purpose platform to support a wide range of use cases–including ones that haven’t been invented yet. Here you can learn about how the sectors leading the SDN adoption wave are tackling their networking challenges.

Telecom Carriers: Network agility and capabilities are central to carriers’ business, which is why this sector has been so aggressive in adopting open SDN. Many carriers are leading innovators, building on the OpenDaylight platform to create an SDN architecture for their own unique needs.

Webscale Content Providers: Like telecom carriers, webscale companies live or die by network scalability and reliability. Take a special look at some Chinese webscale companies, whose subscribers number in the hundreds of millions.

Research and Education: Research and educational institutions often deal with massive data sets being transmitted across institutional boundaries and with intensive computational requirements.

Government and Healthcare: Municipal governments and utilities with “smart city” initiatives, as well as modern healthcare facilities, must increasingly balance massive sensor traffic (IoT) with privacy and other regulatory requirements.

Enterprises: WAN cost reduction has been a focal point for many distributed enterprises. Others are focused on getting the most out of their existing network resources, and on improving overall network flexibility.