You’ve identified your project and are ready to take the next steps. Now what?

OpenDaylight is an open source project, not a commercial product. This means you have several options.

You can act as your own developer and integrator. Select exactly the modules you need for your project. Add on special functionality needed for your environment, and integrate with higher-level frameworks and homegrown systems.

If you prefer the peace of mind of a commercial distribution with vendor support, or want a customized solution designed and implemented by OpenDaylight experts, choose a partner from the OpenDaylight commercial ecosystem. Ecosystem members all have deep expertise in the project as well as a range of solutions for specific industries.

Join an OpenDaylight User Group (ODLUG) in your area. Or start one. You can also review the notes from the OpenDaylight Advisory Group meetings.

As you advance with your deployment, consider applying to join the OpenDaylight Advisory Group. This peer group of active OpenDaylight users meets monthly to share ideas and suggestions. ODL technical leadership also joins the meetings in order to take feedback back to the Project teams.

User organizations for whom OpenDaylight is a strategic infrastructure component often become contributors as well.

  • Technical contributions. A good first step is to join the Documentation team or the Integration Project, where your real-world deployment experiences are especially valuable. Some members have also contributed some of their own ideas as new projects, in addition to assigning engineers to work on the core modules of the platform.
  • Strategic contributions. Become a member in LFN to help ensure the financial and operational strength of the OpenDaylight Project now and in the future.