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BEACON Project


What is it:

  • Collaborative R&D project co-funded under the ICT theme of HORIZON 2020 Research Programme of the European Union. €3.6 million consortium tasked with enabling federated cloud networking

What they’ll deliver:

  • A “homogeneous virtualization layer, on top of heterogeneous underlying physical networks, computing and storage infrastructures, providing enablement for automated federation of applications across different clouds and datacenters” 


  • revolution in cloud networking, developing the building blocks to enable next generation network functionalities within and across data centers and cloud sites”
    • Who will use the final solution? How will it be integrated?


Technologies being used:

  • The Project will rely on SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) techniques and will enhance the european reference in cloud management platforms, OpenNebula, to support the automatic, elastic, and scalable deployment of resources and services across multiple sites. Aligned with the OpenNebula project philosophy, and as always done with previous projects, all these improvements will be contributed back to the community.



  • Lufthansa Systems AG is an information technology service provider for the aviation industry. It has around 2,700 employees in several locations in Germany and offices in 16 other countries.
  • Flexiant (U.K.) Flexiant is the leading European provider of cloud management software for cloud orchestration for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services.
  • CETIC (Belgium) CETIC – Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies – the research partner Applied ICT for Business – lab where we can get ODL
  • Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Universita di Messina (Italy)
  • IBM Israel (Israel)
  • OpenNebula is a turnkey enterprise-ready solution that includes all the features needed to provide an on-premises (private) cloud offering, and to offer public cloud services. With tens of thousands of deployments, OpenNebula is parked in research leaders like FermiLab, ESA and SurfSARA, and industry leaders like Produban, Akamai, CentOS, BBC, Alcatel-Lucent, BlackBerry and ChinaMobile.


Tino OpenNebula

London, UK

Coordinator: Alban Cousin



Coordinator: Matthias Backhausen