Skip to main content has extensive experience in implementing & optimizing OpenDaylight in several of our projects and client proposals.

They are currently in the Top 3 OpenDaylight committing organizations, as per several, independent services.

Since March 2013, when the OpenDaylight project has seen the first daylight with the initial code drop, developers dedicated themselves to sustain, maintain, and improve every aspect of OpenDaylight. provides enterprise support services for OpenDaylight platform as well as custom development & integration.

Visibility and Control based back-end of the KFM with NETCONF plugin provides REST services to the Angular UI, which is using our Network Topology Visualization Component for the better topology view visualization and user experience. Using these REST endpoints, it is easy to send specific NETCONF RPC to the Kaloom SDF controllers.

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™ provides a solution for physical data centers administrated by Data Center Infrastructure Provider (DCIP) users. A physical data center can be easily sliced to virtual data centers offered to customers, called virtual Data Center Operator (vDCO) users. The DCIP user can monitor and configure the physical fabrics – PODs of the data center. KFM WEB UI shows the fabrics in the topology view and allows updating the attributes of fabric and fabric nodes.

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